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Becki Morefield-Wagner

That's funny you were talking about coloring their cut files. I found out a couple of weeks ago purely by accident when I was making a few onesies for a baby shower. Now I think it is the coolest thing. You're right, it is really easy when you have done it one time.

Donna O'Neil

Love it! Too bad I am out of printer ink. Can't wait to try it!


This is so cool! I'm looking forward to having that option one day! :-P I love svgs but having the print and cut option would make it so much easier and faster sometimes!! :-)

Carolyn Smith

Ok... I would love to get a Silhouette machine but anything over $200.00, pushing $400.00 per machine is not affordable for me...Even the $389.00 (last price I seen for the machine is way to expensive for me) and I won't deal with e-bay...too many problems with PayPal right now to re-open a e-bay account so I can bid on a Silhouette! I guess I can dream!!


Carolyn, it's under $200 which includes mats, blades, etc. I got mine for $150ish with shipping! It's more affordable when compared to other cutters in the $500+ range.


Thanks Tamara for doing this! This seems totally complicated to me right now, but can't wait to get my Silhouette and try it! Awesome tutorial!

Carolyn - you can get The Silhouette at Overstock for $170! and if you have a coupon, you may even be able to get it cheaper! It's really affordable now!


It really isn't! It's pretty easy, actually :) I really need to do a video of it so you can see it is just a few clicks!

Carolyn Smith

I posted the above, and than went to Silhouette SD's website and found that the machine is in a affordable range...in 3 to 4 months of saving frugally I could have a new machine....yayyyyy

Carolyn Smith

Just seen your answer to previous post....I'll check this out and see what happens...actually could use a machine that would not be contrary with Make the Cut software like Cricut Expression is at times...not cut when it finishes initializing...and either re-boot laptop and start over or go over to SCAL2 which seems to work when you want it to.

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