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I had a feeling the announcement was this. I'm sad to see it go but I completely understand how time-consuming it can be. You guys did an amazing job and linked up people who may have not *met* otherwise! Of course I'll be foloowing your blogs and FB pages so I know you all are still around! :)

Becki Morefield-Wagner

Oh no!! So sad but I understand. Just starting a blog myself, I understand how much time and effort it is to keep up. I will continue to follow both of your personal blogs. I love all the work that you do and get inspiration from you both.


It was a mystery to me how you girls could handle it all! :-S This was a great concept and blog/forum and you guys put a lot of work in it, but closing it only shows that you have your priorities straight! I'm not really sad because I know where to find both of you and the thought of you guys being more relaxed makes me happy!... :-) Thank You for everything you put in it though, I know it was a ton of work and it was appreciated! :-D <3


I'm so sad to see this go, but happy that the 2 of you will still be crafting :) No matter what your projects are amazing and way beyond creative. I'll just have to find another way to stock your projects. Good luck with everything and your families should always come first!


Aww, so sorry but totally understandable! I can't even keep up with LOOKING at all the blogs let alone running 1 (with no deadlines either). I love your pretty blog, but at least we have your individual blogs still-you'd better keep those, girlies! Remember, "We'll always have Paris....I mean, Paper"


Oh, I as just getting to know you and have been enjoying you. However, you do need to be healthy. Best to you both!!

Tammy Jennings

I will be so sad to not have the Paperdolls site anymore but I so understand! We are raising our 2 year old Grandson and I am on the Joy's Life Design Team and sometimes I am still working at the last minute and burning the midnight oil! I will still be stalking y'all on your personal blogs! (I am glad I got to be a Guest Designer!!)

Becki Morefield-Wagner

Oops, I also wanted to say thank you for introducing us to some wonderful SVG artists! I love them all but especially thanks for Jessica at SVG Attic. I don't know how long it would have taken me to find her site and use all her pretty collections. LOVE HER!!

Carolyn Smith

I sad that you're leaving, but completely understand. Right now I'm having some difficulty just keeping up with my crafting and blogging (blogging earlier than I' suppose to...lol) and enjoying my granddaughters while waiting for my daughter-in-law's surgery. I have two projects to complete and it's mind-boggling for me right now...Take care, and I'll follow your individual blogs.

Terri Deavers

I am so glad to know that you aren't super human! I could not figure out how you all did this on top of everything else. ;) I have barely had time to work on my blog, even though I had every intention to post something everyday. Life Happens! I am so happy for you all, family is the most important thing after all. I am still a huge fan, and can't wait to see what you have for us on your other endeavors. :) It was a GREAT run while it lasted and I have made more new bloggy friends. :) Hugs and Best Wishes!


Big frowny face... But I so understand. I was just getting into creative mode and getting ready to participate... I love both your personal blogs. It was great to see the collaborative effort. :)

Barbara Gilbert

Goodness! No one should ever have to apologize for putting family first! That's as it should be! Go! Scoot! Don't look back! I'm sure your fans will find you on your own blogs! And remember to ALWAYS put your family first; before you know it you'll be like me, living in a retirement community and missing my family terribly. Time goes by way, way too fast, so love every precious moment of it with your family.

Anna Dawn LeClaire

I'm so sorry that you're shutting down.... ;-( But you are absolutely right that family should be first and something that was meant to be fun in the first place shouldn't turn into a chore! Well, I guess there is no point in sending the shirts I made for you anymore is there? Sorry that I have held onto them for so long!! Things get busy ya know... yeah, you do know. :-) I wish you two the best, and hope that you are able to find more time to do things that you enjoy and spend time with your families! I will keep on stalking your blogs, cause you two are such an inspiration to me and my crafting pursuits! Lol! :-) *Hugs*
-Anna Dawn

Charlene McCreight

I'm so sorry to see you move on but I do totally understand....good luck to both of you.

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